Alan Jones’ work explores ideas that surround notions of identity. Embracing diversity, Jones works across a broad spectrum of mediums as he takes a personal approach to subject matter. Through this process, Jones aims to communicate to the viewer the intricacies of human connections and how his own roots subsequently influence his work.

In 1997 Jones gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School and has since furthered his education abroad as the recipient of the Inaugural Pat Corrigan Travelling Art Scholarship and Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship. Jones’ work has been a selected finalist in the Archibald Prize, Wynne Prize and Sulman Prize. Jones has also been the recipient of many prestigious art awards including the Paddington Art Prize for landscape painting, Kedumba Drawing Award, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Kilgour Prize and Mosman Art Prize. Important collections that have acquired Jones’ work include Australia’s National Portrait Gallery, Art Gallery of South Australia, Artbank and Macquarie University. 

Jones has held twenty six solo exhibitions and been involved in group exhibitions throughout state, regional and commercial galleries in Australia, the UK and Asia.

Artists Gary Heery and Alan Jones collaborate for the 'X Collaborative Portraits' project.
Artists Gary Heery and Alan Jones collaborate for the ‘X Collaborative Portraits’ project.