‘The night is a blank canvas – anything can go,’ says artist Alan Jones. Photograph: Barnaby Wilshier

Butt Naked Salon: art, music and nudity collide in deeply moving performance

Alan Jones Studio Press

A string quartet plays and a nude model poses as an artist paints the walls, in an ephemeral happening in Sydney inspired by the Parisian Belle Époque Alan Jones – the artist, not the shock jock – squeezes paint out of a tube, mixes it with water, and lifts a fat, unwieldy brush to the wall. We are in Potts …

The Sydney Art Quartet and artist Alan Jones at Yellow House for the 2017 Butt Naked Salon II performance.

Alan Jones’s birthday suit

Alan Jones Studio Press

Gadfly was momentarily beguiled by a poster in Sydney’s east – an advertisement for a performance by the Sydney Art Quartet at the Yellow House, called Butt Naked. Apparently it’s restricted to people 18 years and over because it contains nudity and stars Alan Jones. Will the dear old butterball, the protector of public decency, shed his fetching yellow, cream …

Artist Alan Jones (centre) with musician James Beck and model Yolanda Frost in Jones’ Alexandria studio. Picture: Tim Pascoe

Sydney Art Quartet teams up with artist Alan Jones in Butt Naked II

Alan Jones Studio Press

Alan Jones invariably listens to music while he’s painting in his Alexandria studio. But the artist has never painted in front of an audience to the accompaniment of a live quartet. “If I think about it too much I break out in a cold sweat,” Jones admits. The show, Sydney Art Quartet: Butt Naked Salon II, follows the first Butt …

9 Hours Underground entrance tunnel via Wilson Parking, Sydney Opera House.

Lost in Space

Alan Jones Studio Press

Spaces create stories. In the late 1970s, Sydney’s underground walkways and parking stations were the places where you could experience the stark, modernist spaces of the era’s science fiction movies. As a teenager, I would find any excuse to ride the moving walkway at the Domain Parking Station, or walk down the then-pristine Devonshire Street tunnel or, best of all, …

Alan Jones talks with Maria Stoljar from Talking with Painters.

Talking with Painters

Alan Jones Studio Press

Alan Jones’ work crosses over painting, sculpture and collage. His most recent show was of exquisite painted wooden collages, many of which depicted the coastal landscape of Moonee Beach in NSW. With 22 solo shows and over 130 group shows under his belt, Jones has received many awards, including the Kilgour Prize, Mosman Art prize, Paddington Art Prize and Brett …

Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones from the exhibition 'Time and Place: Recent Collage' at Olsen Gallery Sydney.

Alan Jones at Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Alan Jones Studio Press

Olsen Gallery, Sydney, is hosting an exhibition of landscape paintings by Alan Jones, titled ‘Time and Space: Recent Collage’, on display till November 20, 2016. With his works as presented in this exhibition, Alan Jones change the relationship between paint and surface into something more intimate. The landscape paintings look beautiful, as if an image from a collective memory of …

Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones from the exhibition 'Paintings from Coogee' at Olsen Irwin Sydney.

Paintings from Coogee / The Great Divide

Alan Jones Studio Press

Alan Jones’ latest exhibition Paintings from Coogee present some unusual takes on landscape and portraiture. Oddly haunting faces float on top of moody coastal parklands. Some of the heads are formed from thick, spaghetti-like coils of black and white paint, laid on like icing. The ends of the coils dangle like two-tone guts and nerve endings at the necks of …

Elizabeth Fortescue article on Australian artist Alan Jones in The Daily Telegraph.

Storms could not wash away inspiration

Alan Jones Studio Press

In April this year, the day after Sydney’s spectacular storms, artist Alan Jones arrived at his Alexandria studio to find 17 of his new paintings floating in melted hail. They were ruined. Jones had left the paintings on the studio floor where he could look at them. Some were finished and some were nearly there. He had to bin the …

Caption: Mosman Art Prize curator Katrina Cashman admires the winning painting by Alan Jones. Picture: Annika Enderborg.

Jones’ work turns heads and clinches art prize

Alan Jones Studio Press

Alan Jones, the artist not the broadcaster, has won the $30,000 Mosman Art Prize. The 38 year old Sydney Artist was announced the winner on Tuesday night at the Mosman Art Gallery. His painting of two human heads hovering in a landscape will now form part of the valuable Mosman Art Collection. The painting is entitled Painting 131 (North Coogee). …

Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones titled 'Painting 131 (North Coogee)' wins the 2015 Mosman Art Prize

Alan Jones turns heads with his winning painting for the Mosman Art Prize

Alan Jones Studio Press

A painting that narrowly escaped being thrown into a skip bin has won the Mosman Art Prize. Artist Alan Jones was announced on Tuesday night as the winner of the prestigious $30,000 prize for his painting of North Coogee with two human faces hovering over the landscaped. Jones confessed to the large audience at the Mosman Art Gallery that the …

Alan Jones artist Open Gallery SMH

Open Gallery - New South Wales

Alan Jones Studio Press

A recent six-month residency in the north of England gave Sydney artist Alan Jones ample opportunity to explore his family’s convict ancestry, with his resulting body of work seamlessly mixing painting, photography and sculpture to show the multilayered patchwork of identity and personal history. • Until November 17. Wednesday-Friday 10am-7pm, Tuesday and Saturday 10am-5pm, Watters Gallery, 109 Riley Street, East …

Elizabeth Fortescue, ‘First Fleet heritage guides artist’s brush’, The Daily Telegraph, 2 November 2012, page 104, Reviewing Alan Jones' exhibition.

First Fleet heritage guides artist’s brush

Alan Jones Studio Press

Had convicted thief Robert Forrester been executed in 1783 as decreed by an Old Bailey judge, the exhibition now showing at Watters Gallery in East Sydney would never have come about. But history records that Forrester’s death sentence was commuted to seven years transportation on the First Fleet, and he arrived in Sydney aboard the Scarborough in 1788. Forrester’s direct …

Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones titled 'The Mother Land'.

New South Wales

Alan Jones Studio Press

In his latest exhibition Alan Jones continues his explorations of a history and identity that, while still dominant in Australian culture, is almost subversive as a topic in contemporary art. Jones’s interest in Australia’s colonial past is especially personal in his exhibition New South Wales, a series of works that emerged from a recent trip he took to track his …

Kate Bryan, 'Alan Jones: This story is about you', www.huffingtonpost.co.uk, 2 October 2012.

Alan Jones: This Story is About You

Alan Jones Studio Press

It seems the world has never been so personal. We receive daily updates from a variety of sources about friends, family and even previously untouchable celebrities and public figures. There is little distinction between the real world and online social media content. With this mass of personal information being shared, one might start to expect an increased insight into character …

Article by Alex Speed for The Australian. Artists and friends at Ben Quilty's studio in the NSW Southern Highlands. From left, Alan Jones, Carlos Barrios, Justine Muller, Luke Sciberras, Olivia Quilty, John Olsen, Quilty, Guy Maestri and Charles Reddington. Source: Supplied

Southern comfort in the world of artist John Olsen

Alan Jones Studio Press

The painter’s voice echoes thinly around the cavernous warehouse studio: “Tick tock, tick tock. Tune in please, boys.” The noise level unchanged, Ben Quilty – art-world darling and winner of this year’s Archibald Prize for his life-affirming portrait of Margaret Olley, painted just months before her death – cups his hands around his mouth and shouts. “Come on, fellas; let’s …

Arts writer for the the Sydney Morning Herald, Lenny Ann Low reviews an exhibition of paintings at Legge Gallery by Australian artist Alan Jones.

Alan Jones – Paintings and Drawings

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Alan Jones lays it on thick but his paintings and drawings bear a fragility within their chunky demeanour. In this series, Jones depicts a range of heads that could be based on humans or carvings from a material such as wood. They could also be a series of tribal masks, variously decorated with strong, dark and light lines or a …