Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones. 'Painting 45' was first exhibited at Legge Gallery, Sydney in the 2006 exhibition 'The Human Show'.

'Painting 45' at Shapiro Auctioneers and Gallery

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I made this painting in 2006 when I lived in Windsor and had my studio in the upstairs of the Jolly Frog Hotel. During this time I was interested in making work about desire, anxiety and the human condition. ‘Painting 45’ was one of the first figurative paintings I felt had succeeded. The yellow figure and his somewhat disjointed head …

Print by Australian artist Alan Jones

Limited Edition Print

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In 2015 Sydney was hit with its largest hail storm in 10 years and our studios were completely flooded. Many of the artists in our building lost a lot of works. I had 17 paintings destroyed. This is one of the portraits I lost. Thankfully I’ve been able to get the image back. It now exists in a different form …