Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones
'Painting 158 (The Field)', 2016-17, acrylic on linen, 206cm x 262.5cm

9 Hours Underground

Alan Jones Studio News

Curated by Kate Smith

Artesian4 and Kate Smith are proud to announce their latest exhibition titled ‘9 Hours Underground’. This exhibition will be held at (or rather, under) one of the most iconic venues in Australia – Under the Sydney Opera House.

Artists include:
• Giles Alexander
• Alexandru Cinean
• Maree Clarke
• Nick Collerson
• Jonathan Daltan
• David Eastwood
• Robert Hague
• Alan Jones
• Tamara Kostianovsky
• Jose Luis Puche Nieto
• Stuart McLachlan
• Monika Scarrabelotti
• Damien Shen
• Peter Wegner

About Kate Smith

It is a rare person indeed who commits as much as Kate Smith does to the development and support of artists. With her incredible eye for art Kate is unashamedly passionate about art. With an overwhelming desire to nurture emerging artists from the academic environment through to the professional art world. It takes a lot of time, commitment, talent and self belief to achieve success as a professional artist and Kate is there for her artists; mentoring, supporting and promoting them along their journey. Kate is also an art collector with an enviable collection. The art world needs more patrons like Kate Smith.

About Artesian4

Artesian4 is the brainchild of Morgan Workman, Director and Designer for Big Picture Communications. Morgan Workman and art consultant Kate Smith wanted a way to create an extension beyond the traditional gallery space by re-purposing spaces that have other primary functions. Apart from the desire to push the conventional boundaries on what an art gallery should be, there is the added motivation to increase access to art as well as more exhibition spaces for the artists. There is also the hope that these unconventional spaces add a dimension of curiosity to a show, encouraging people who otherwise might feel uneasy or intimidated in the standard art gallery environment.

Atresian4 is extremely fortunate to have the support of a number of companies. Without the great generosity of Wilson Security, Airdray, K&W Signs, Curran Liu and Big Picture Communications the initiative would not exist.

9 Hours Underground

18-29 September 2017

Wilson Parking, Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Point
Sydney NSW 2000
Contact curator: Kate Smith

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