Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones. 'Painting 45' was first exhibited at Legge Gallery, Sydney in the 2006 exhibition 'The Human Show'.
‘Painting 45’, 2006, oil on linen, 179.5cm x 135.5cm

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‘Painting 45’ goes to auction

I made this painting in 2006 when I lived in Windsor and had my studio in the upstairs of the Jolly Frog Hotel. During this time I was interested in making work about desire, anxiety and the human condition. ‘Painting 45’ was one of the first figurative paintings I felt had succeeded. The yellow figure and his somewhat disjointed head created a certain unease, however it’s extremely exciting when you finish a painting and feel the work poses more questions then answers.

‘Painting 45’ formed an important part of ‘The Human Show’ exhibition at Legge Gallery in Sydney. Following this exhibition the work was then curated into the 2006 ‘The Year in Art’ exhibition at the National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney.

‘Painting 45’ will be available in Shapiro’s forthcoming ‘Australian and International Art’ auction (LOT 090). An online catalogue is available at

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Australian and International Art

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