Artist Alan Jones (centre) with musician James Beck and model Yolanda Frost in Jones’ Alexandria studio. Picture: Tim Pascoe

Sydney Art Quartet teams up with artist Alan Jones in Butt Naked II

Alan Jones Studio Press

Alan Jones invariably listens to music while he’s painting in his Alexandria studio. But the artist has never painted in front of an audience to the accompaniment of a live quartet. “If I think about it too much I break out in a cold sweat,” Jones admits. The show, Sydney Art Quartet: Butt Naked Salon II, follows the first Butt …

Elizabeth Fortescue article on Australian artist Alan Jones in The Daily Telegraph.

Storms could not wash away inspiration

Alan Jones Studio Press

In April this year, the day after Sydney’s spectacular storms, artist Alan Jones arrived at his Alexandria studio to find 17 of his new paintings floating in melted hail. They were ruined. Jones had left the paintings on the studio floor where he could look at them. Some were finished and some were nearly there. He had to bin the …

Elizabeth Fortescue, ‘First Fleet heritage guides artist’s brush’, The Daily Telegraph, 2 November 2012, page 104, Reviewing Alan Jones' exhibition.

First Fleet heritage guides artist’s brush

Alan Jones Studio Press

Had convicted thief Robert Forrester been executed in 1783 as decreed by an Old Bailey judge, the exhibition now showing at Watters Gallery in East Sydney would never have come about. But history records that Forrester’s death sentence was commuted to seven years transportation on the First Fleet, and he arrived in Sydney aboard the Scarborough in 1788. Forrester’s direct …