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A recent six-month residency in the north of England gave Sydney artist Alan Jones ample opportunity to explore his family’s convict ancestry, with his resulting body of work seamlessly mixing painting, photography and sculpture to show the multilayered patchwork of identity and personal history. • Until November 17. Wednesday-Friday 10am-7pm, Tuesday and Saturday 10am-5pm, Watters Gallery, 109 Riley Street, East …

Arts writer for the the Sydney Morning Herald, Lenny Ann Low reviews an exhibition of paintings at Legge Gallery by Australian artist Alan Jones.

Alan Jones – Paintings and Drawings

Alan Jones Studio Press

Alan Jones lays it on thick but his paintings and drawings bear a fragility within their chunky demeanour. In this series, Jones depicts a range of heads that could be based on humans or carvings from a material such as wood. They could also be a series of tribal masks, variously decorated with strong, dark and light lines or a …