Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones exhibited at The Fine Art Society Contemporary, London.

Head of a Convict Woman

Alan Jones Studio Blog

In 2012 I did a 6 month residency at The Ropewalk in the north of England. In this time I visited Carlisle where my ancestors supposedly came from. In their early 20’s they were both convicted of crimes and consequently sent to Australia in 1788. Reflecting on their wretched lives, I did this little portrait one afternoon. Still a favourite …

Kate Bryan, 'Alan Jones: This story is about you',, 2 October 2012.

Alan Jones: This Story is About You

Alan Jones Studio Press

It seems the world has never been so personal. We receive daily updates from a variety of sources about friends, family and even previously untouchable celebrities and public figures. There is little distinction between the real world and online social media content. With this mass of personal information being shared, one might start to expect an increased insight into character …