Alan Jones at Olsen Irwin, Sydney

Painting by Australian artist Alan Jones from the exhibition 'Time and Place: Recent Collage' at Olsen Gallery Sydney.
'Painting 180 (Coogee)', 2016, acrylic on board, 86.5cm x 90cm

‘Alan Jones at Olsen Irwin, Sydney’ by Oliver Crowe

Olsen Irwin, Sydney, is hosting an exhibition of landscape paintings by Alan Jones, titled ‘Time and Place: Recent Collage’, on display till November 20, 2016.

With his works as presented in this exhibition, Alan Jones change the relationship between paint and surface into something more intimate. The landscape paintings look beautiful, as if an image from a collective memory of fond places, with fonder atmospheres. The scenes are, in a sense, a “to be expected” for the genre, but upon closer inspection, the untraditional approach that Jones employs becomes apparent. The methods and materials used to create the blunt sunlight, the beach before a rain, the sharp limbs of a tree are truly unconventional. The sunlight is in fact wood grain, the sharp limbs are laser cut, the ‘working parts’ of the landscape fit together like a puzzle because each work is a painted wooden collage. Alan creates a sight that seems ordinary at first, but later reveals the unexpected.

  • The exhibition is on view at Olsen Irwin, 63 Jersey Road, Woollahra, NSW Sydney. For details, visit,

Oliver Crowe, ‘Alan Jones at Olsen Irwin, Sydney’,, 3 November 2016.

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