Alan Jones – Paintings and Drawings

Arts writer for the the Sydney Morning Herald, Lenny Ann Low reviews an exhibition of paintings at Legge Gallery by Australian artist Alan Jones.

‘Alan Jones – Paintings and Drawings’ by Lenny Ann Low

Alan Jones lays it on thick but his paintings and drawings bear a fragility within their chunky demeanour. In this series, Jones depicts a range of heads that could be based on humans or carvings from a material such as wood. They could also be a series of tribal masks, variously decorated with strong, dark and light lines or a decorative pattern. Jones, however, gives each a lick of the living with the odd furtive glance out of frame or an expression of petrified thought. Having won a Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship last month, Jones will travel to Paris soon for a three-month residency at the Cité International des Arts.

  • Legge Gallery, 183 Regent Street, Redfern, 9319 3340, Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm. Until December 11.

Lenny Ann Low, ‘Alan Jones – Paintings and Drawings’, Sydney Morning Herald, 27-28 November 2004, page 21.