The evolution of an image

Print by Australian artist Alan Jones
'Self-portrait (Painting 123)', 2015, pigment print on cotton art rag paper, 51cm x 46cm, edition of 8 + 2 A/P

Limited edition

In 2015 Sydney was hit with its most tremendous hail storm in 10 years, leaving many parts of the city damaged severely. Alexandria was significantly affected, and Birmingham Street Studios were left flooded. Many of the artists had their work damaged or destroyed. Alan Jones had been preparing for his upcoming exhibition at Olsen Gallery and had 17 paintings destroyed during the flash flood. Only one artwork was able to be recovered.

Thankfully the work was not lost forever. With the help of Warren Macris from High Res Digital Imaging and modern technology, we were was able to get the image back. ‘Self-portrait (Painting 123)’ now exists as a limited edition pigment print. Printed at 1:1 scale, it looks alive. It’s been exciting to see the evolution of this particular work.

Alan Jones

‘Self-portrait (Painting 123)’ has been printed in an edition of only 8 + 2 A/P and is available for purchase through Limited and Olsen Gallery.

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