Wyalkatchem artist statement

Sculpture by Australian artist Alan Jones. Installation view from the exhibition 'Wyalkatchem' at Venn Gallery, Perth.
'Wyalkatchem Hotel', 2011, plywood and hoop pine, 81cm x 308cm x 148cm


My earliest childhood memories go back to the country town of Wyalkatchem in Western Australia. In the late ’70s and early ’80s my parents, Mike and Jenny, were widely known within the small community as publicans of the Wyalkatchem Hotel where they lived and worked with their 3 boys.

This body of work aims to document the formative years of my childhood living in Wyalkatchem. The works are based largely on family photographs from the ’80s and a road trip back to Wyalkatchem dad and I took during August 2011. Our road trip to Western Australia was poignant as dad and I reflected on past times, family, and parenthood ahead of the birth of my first son, due in October this year.

View Exhibition – WyalkatchEM – Venn Gallery

18 November – 23 December 2011
Venn Gallery
16 Queen Street
Perth, WA, 6000